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The Pearl River County SPCA in Picayune, MS, sponsors a dog obedience class. This is an often overlooked piece of the solution to reduce the numbers of homeless animals since so many dogs are turned in to shelters due to perceived "bad behavior" issues. But sadly, owners who are so quick to dump their family pet at the animal shelter are rarely willing to do anything to fix the problem, nor are they willing to admit that they are actually part of the problem. And far too often, the "problem" is nothing more than an excuse for not being willing to train and work with their dog.

The class I visited here in Picayune had 6 dedicated people spending the time to train their dogs - and more importantly, themselves. The love for their dogs was undeniable. These are indeed forever homes.

It was a treat to be able to donate my time to photograph the class and support these loving owners as they develop a deep and lasting relationship.
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