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Iphone photos I took while waiting for a friend at the dentist. I was experimenting with the "long exposure" setting and the wide angle lens on my 13. Then I played with them in Snapseed.
2022-04-26 10.31.45.jpg2022-04-26 10.30.35.jpg2022-04-26 10.31.23.jpg2022-04-26 10.31.35.jpg2022-04-26 10.31.53.jpg2022-04-26 10.32.40-1.jpg2022-04-26 10.33.06-1.jpg2022-04-26 10.30.52.jpg2022-04-26 10.41.34.jpg2022-04-26 10.50.21.jpg2022-04-26 10.51.04-1.jpg2022-04-26 10.52.24.jpg2022-04-26 10.59.55-1.jpg2022-04-26 11.00.11-1.jpg2022-04-26 11.03.52-1.jpg