I offer a different service than traditional photography studios. Each session is specifically designed around your personality. Custom photography is truly an investment of time and money for both of us.

The session fee covers my time to travel to you, set up, and then capture, process, edit, and store your images. It is sometimes called a Creative Fee, and for good reason. While there is certainly a lot of technical expertise that goes into it, the creative eye is what makes it work.

After your session, I may have as many as 2000 photos to go through. First I cull the rejects (especially with animals there are often a lot of blurry or “butt” pics that can be discarded). Then I choose, enhance and retouch the best shots. Each session usually ends up with about 15-40 “best of shoot” photos for you to choose from.

What constitutes a “best of” shot? This is where my art director experience kicks in. Photo selection is a skill and an art all its own. Besides being technically correct (not blurry, well lit, etc.), I look for a connection to the soul of my subject. I choose a range of poses to provide a variety. I imagine it hanging on a wall somewhere. And finally, I ask “Does it work?”

Once I am satisfied with my image choices and edits (usually within 2-4 days), I will send you a link to a private online proofing page for you to select your favorites and order prints.

You may purchase only the products you want at your convenience. My photo lab develops high quality prints on real photo paper, and offers specialty items such as canvas gallery wraps, greeting cards, custom framed prints, photo books, and even iphone covers with your image on it! I also offer packages of popular products that are nicely discounted.

My photography style

I am primarily a natural light photographer. I only add artificial light when absolutely necessary (such as in shelter photography). I prefer this look, and find it results in a more relaxed and enjoyable photo session because I’m not dragging around bright, hot lights. Being able to shoot almost anywhere gives me more flexibility and allows me to capture more of the personality and environment of my subjects.

I specialize in animals, musicians and nature photography.