Pet Session

Critters of all kinds: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even reptiles (see below for horses).

I can’t remember a moment in my life I didn’t have some animal friend. Indeed, I have surrounded myself with animals of all kinds, from horses, cats, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, birds. I even fostered over 200 newborn kittens for the Friends of Jefferson Animal Shelter for many years.

Animals feel safe and relaxed in their own home or a familiar environment. My philosophy is to maintain a stress free environment and catch your pets being themselves, whether it be sitting on the couch, playing with their favorite toy, looking out the window, enjoying a run in the park, or snuggling with you. My goal is to connect with your pet and capture the spirit that you know and love.

Your pet session includes an initial consultation, a getting to know each other time, and the actual photography session.

Indoor sessions are best scheduled when your home has the most daylight. Outdoor sessions are most effective when the sunlight is not too harsh. This would be the ‘magic hour’ either early morning or late afternoon.

When you schedule your session, we'll discuss your pet's personality, your location choice(s), the lighting, and if there are any special images you have in mind. I always try to capture a large variety of photos from quiet moments to candid photos of your pet at play.


New Kitten or Puppy Milestone Package 3 mini-shoots (approximately 1 hour in length) scheduled 3-4 months apart to capture your pet’s growth into adulthood.

Memorial Session for Terminally Ill Pets Call today to have photographs taken right away. Celebrate the life of your pet preserve your pet's memory forever in a timeless and personal photograph. I will endeavor to capture the healthy spirit of the animal you love and remember.  READ THE STORY OF DEXTER AND GROVER

Service or Rescue Animal Session Special rate for service animals. Service animals change their human's lives in ways no words can explain. They develop a bond that is more than pet and human.

Did you adopt your pet from a local shelter? I’ll take 20% OFF your session fee! Limit one coupon per customer per year.