Selecting Photos

As you look through your photos, begin selecting the photos you like. The easiest way to do this is to first click on the "Select Photos" button which opens a "Click photos to select" drop-down menu. You can now check mark the images you like. Check marks can only be made to images in the “thumbnails” page. A closer look at each picture is available by clicking on it. Each image marked with a check mark will remain checked until deselected, even if you come back to your proofing at a later time.

After check marking all the images you like or would like to consider you then add them to your “Favorites.”

A drop-down menu will appear in the upper left corner of your screen indicating that your photos have been added to your favorites list. The total number of photos in the favorites list will be indicated in the parentheses. To view your favorites list, simply click on "My Selection." You can return to your photo page at anytime.

You may add images one at a time, in groups, or all at once. You may also stop and resume this process at anytime. Should you change your mind for some of your selections you may also remove images from your favorites list at anytime while viewing that page. (It’s important to note, however, the actions suggested here requires “cookies” to be saved to your computer. If these cookies are subsequently deleted, your favorites list maybe lost.)

If you require additional editing on any of your chosen photos, you can share your list with me directly for editing. To do this, click the "Send to..." option in the upper left corner. A window will appear giving you the option to send to photographer or a friend, in this case, select the photographer. Fill in the necessary information including an special instructions or comments, then select "Share."

You can create more than one favorites lists to consider for proofing or sharing. A separate list could include images that you would like to have in black and white, for example, or other such specific modifications. You could also create a separate list to share with certain friends or family when final editing has been completed. For example, in the case of a wedding, you could create a list that includes photos specific to the bride’s family while having a separate list specific to the groom’s. Each list can be named at the time you create them to help you stay organized.

When you’re ready to share with others, use the “send to” function again while viewing a selected favorites list but this time chose the “send to a friend” option. Here you will see two lines of text. Each represents a direct html link to your favorites list, one allowing for read only (view only) while the other allows users to make changes. (Allowing others to make changes could be helpful in narrowing a selection choice.) With this consideration, copy and paste to your email, facebook, twitter, etc. to share. Important note! If your images are password protected you must also provide your recipients with that information, otherwise, they will be prohibited from viewing.


How do I order prints and products?

First, pick the image(s) you would like to buy. There are several ways to start but to simplify, select the image you wish to purchase with a check mark. You can then click on the "Buy" button in the upper right corner or from the top center of your screen. If you'd like to take a closer look at an image first, single click on it and you’ll be taken to a new page providing a larger view of your selected image. From here, the "Buy" option is also available.

Clicking on the “Buy” button then presents you with more options. Clicking on the "Select product" option in the drop down menu begins checkout process. It starts with a product selection, i.e. Prints, Downloads, Specialty, etc.. You can make your selection via the icons or via the list to the left.

Once you’ve selected a product type your print sizing options will fill the center window along with pricing and availability information. Product information will also appear to the right once you’ve made a selection. This information is provided by the printing lab about their product(s).

Next, choose the quantity and view the updated subtotals. Add to cart when finished and continue.

Next, you'll see an overview of you selection(s) and subtotals. Here, additional options allowing you to "Preview and Configure," "View Shopping Cart," "Buy more products with selected photos," "Continue shopping," or just to "Checkout Now," are available. "Preview and confingure" is where you can make manual cropping adjustments if needed (ie. cropping for an 8x10), color, paper type, and quantity changes. The rest should be self explanatory.

Once you've made your selection and changes, click on "Checkout Now" and continue.A final overview of your selected image(s), product choices with option adjustments, and a new subtotal will be displayed. At this point, however, you can still make changes or correct mistakes before finalizing your order. After you've carefully reviewed your entire order continue to the final portion of the checkout process. (During this portion of the checkout process you'll also be able to take advantage of applicable coupons.)

At the end of the checkout, you'll be offered a printable receipt for your records. In addition, I will also receive an order confirmation with detailed information that includes product types, sizes, corrections, etc. for my records. Payment information is not included, of course, for your security. This information can be helpful, however, should you have trouble with your order or questions.


How can I share my photos with others?

My website provides several ways to share photos with your friends and family. In addition to the method described in the “Selecting Photos” section above, a quicker and more simplified method is also available but with less control. After entering your photo gallery (or any other gallery on my site allowing access) you can quickly share it in its entirety by simply clicking on the “Share” button located in the upper right hand corner. After doing so, a window appears providing you with the following options; direct links to the gallery view or a slideshow view that can be copied and pasted to your email, facebook, etc.; or via the “email” button; or by simply clicking on the facebook or twitter icons. Recipients will then be able to view all the photos in that gallery. Important note! If your images are password protected you must also provide your recipients with that information, otherwise, they will be prohibited from viewing.


What kind of post-processing do you do on the “best of shoot” images?

My philosophy is to try to get it right in camera. I do “polish” each file by tweaking clarity, sharpness, contrast and exposure in Lightroom as I shoot RAW and the files tend to have a sort of a dull look to them. Noise reduction is often needed since I rarely supplement lighting, so I may have to use a high ISO to compensate in someone’s dark living room or animal shelter. I use Photoshop to do further adjustments or clone stray hairs or blemishes.

What if I don’t like the results of the photo shoot?

Photography, as in any artwork, is very subjective. In addition, we can’t always count on our furry friends to be completely cooperative. One day they might be willing participants and the next day they won’t come out from under the couch. With enough time and patience, we’re confident we’ll capture images that will please you. But, if you are not completely satisfied, we can retake, if needed, or will refund 50% of the session fee. You are under no obligation to purchase prints.

What if I have to reschedule?

That’s fine as long as it’s not last-minute. In fact, I may be the one rescheduling due to weather.