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I can't decide if Skagway railway or Tracy Arm Fjord was my favorite of the trip. Both provided amazing mountains. I loved the train, and basically hung outside on the platform snapping away the entire journey up the mountain. Even saw a bear and cubs (didn't get the cubs in the picture, but you can see the bear clearly). It was literally right by the tracks.

The gold panning was a bust (did find a few flakes of gold), but the salmon bake they promised was deep fried salmon and fries. It tasted good, but I didn't pay all that extra for fried salmon. I wanted a real salmon bake.

It was "cool" to be surrounded by so much snow. It felt chilly but good. The weather was pristine, and it was warm enough to not wear a coat. They'd apparently had a big snowfall the week before (we were there in May).