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I just bought an underwater case for my iphone and tried it out on vacation in the pool. I couldn't see much on the screen while I was taking them, so it was a fun surprise reviewing them on the computer. Then I played with them in Lightroom. Fun!
2022-05-27 10.20.18.jpg2022-05-27 10.35.43.jpg2022-05-27 10.47.00.jpg2022-05-27 10.51.28.jpg2022-05-27 10.52.30.jpg2022-05-27 10.42.19.jpg2022-05-27 10.21.01.jpg2022-05-27 10.21.15.jpg2022-05-27 10.35.38.jpg2022-05-27 10.40.11.jpg2022-05-27 10.46.55.jpg2022-05-27 10.49.15.jpg2022-05-27 10.49.15-2.jpg2022-05-27 10.50.48.jpg2022-05-27 10.52.46.jpg2022-05-27 10.52.54.jpg2022-05-27 10.52.42.jpg2022-05-27 10.52.43.jpg